An Easy Way to Rid Yourself of Envy

I don't know where I read this or heard it, but years ago I heard some life-changing advice that I've applied over and over to increase my contentment. It is a simple way to not allow envy to limit your

Twenty Minute Headstart

When you work alone (and on hard problems), you have to hack your own mind to battle procrastination. One of my tricks is to start a big task twenty minutes right before something large is about to happen. Let's say

Reflection Frameworks

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is typically a change of pace for most people – even if they don’t go on vacation – and a socially acceptable time to reflect and make large changes in

Personal Pre-Mortems

If you are like me you can get into a mindset of negative thinking where you can poke holes in any potential project idea or action. After all, thinking of doomsday scenarios is a marketable skill when you actually take

Be A Digital Adult

Most of us reading this post are adults. We take care of those around us, hold down jobs, pay bills, shower daily and do other things that are considered mature. We avoid the struggles of children: petty conflict, biting others,

The False Dream of a Clear Path

I have this fantastical daydream that I entertain often: I get a week (or weekend) to myself and I am able to do all the work, all the projects, all the catching up that I want to do. Sometimes I