Remote Work Arrogance

How do you find out if someone is a vegan/minimalist/cross fitter? Don't worry: they will tell you within 10 minutes. Remote workers think that they have found the cure to all diseases. And they (we) are quick to

Slack, Gossip, and the Nerve to Bully

Is Slack to blame for Away’s PR nightmare? - AngelListView Online A lot has happened since The Verge reported on Away’s toxic work environment. Most...AngelListLike many in my industry I read the expose of the Away company's

The Circuit

When you work from home, where you live matters more. When I used to work in Alpharetta [a nice suburb of Atlanta] I knew all the good bike trails, sushi restaurants, and gas stations that carried Sour Skittles. After all,

Recent Items In Other Places

A few quick notes on recent activity outside of this blog that I’ve been involved in: Vetting People for Remote Work I wrote this article about some approaches for effectively determining if someone will mesh well with your

Remote Work is Not A Perk

Allowing your employees to work from where they wish is not a perk, it is a part of your company’s genetic makeup or it is nothing. Many big companies think that allowing their people to work from home on