Remote Work and Wealth

Remote Work provides you with greater time and space, a form of wealth

Remote Work and Wealth
Alt forms of rich:  You can go to bed and wake up when you want to.   You can buy any book you want.   You have time to read those books.   You have time to exercise.   A short commute.   No dress code seven days a week.   Liberal use of the thermostat.

One sad thing about the current state of remote work, where we are all forced to work from home during a pandemic, is that we can't enjoy all the perks that it would have to offer in a more natural setting.

For example, at 10:15 AM on a typical workday, it is tranquil in my neighborhood, and so a walk is a nice break. I've never worked at an office job where you can routinely disappear for 30 minutes, not around lunchtime, OSHA standard be damned. The bank, grocery store, and gym are all not busy at this time, so it's easy to run errands. And the people that are there are interesting.

Working remotely puts you in touch with what I call the daywatch: the people out and about during the typical workday. They are retired, students, business owners, unemployed, on vacation, don't need to work. Because they spend more time near their homes, they are more involved in the community. They are interesting to talk to, outside the typical, like you.

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