Resume of the Future

TLDR: You should totally hire me. Objective As a self-oriented detail starter I seek a dynamic company that can use me, abuse me, because I am not you’re average high school graduate. #nailedit. Accomplishments Made a trick shot

Docked and Unplugged

Last year I went on my first cruise with my family. On the last night of the cruise my daughter got massively sick at 4 AM. Unable to go back to sleep after getting her settled I decided to take

My 2013 Resolution: Get Way Weirder

My resolution for 2013 is to get way weirder. Not like eat-my-hat-as-per-the-prophecy weird, but maybe make-a-statue-in-my-backyard-out-of-mailboxes weird. My family in the last few years has already gotten a little weird by adopting all our kids, me working almost exclusively from

How to be creative: Non-silly advice from John Cleese

Via @danforthfrance via @hotdogsladies comes a talk John Cleese gave about creativity and how to encourage it.  I was amazed at the common sense level advice given that rang true from my own experience and, as always, by Cleese’

Secret Developer Acronyms

They might take away my github account for this, but: BTB: Broke the build Hey Ralph you BTB with that last check-in so I have touched one of your keys to my  inner elbow to punish you with creepiness GDOS:

Obligatory Year End Reflective Post

This year I did a bunch of awesome stuff: Listened to the song Sail by AwolNation 65 times [Source: Spotify logs, 2011] Ate 31 Chicken Burritos from Chipotle [Source: Cherokee County Waste Management Quarterly Report (Q4 2011)] Wrote 65,000