Twenty Minute Headstart

When you work alone (and on hard problems), you have to hack your own mind to battle procrastination. One of my tricks is to start a big task twenty minutes right before something large is about to happen. Let's say

Personal Pre-Mortems

If you are like me you can get into a mindset of negative thinking where you can poke holes in any potential project idea or action. After all, thinking of doomsday scenarios is a marketable skill when you actually take

How To Read 118 Books In One Year

This year I continued my¬†odd quest to read a lot of books and ended up reading more than last year. This feels very odd since I’m a big fan of making things rather than just constantly drowning

Fake Work

We have all been there – you are busy all day but as the day ends you still haven’t done The One Thing that you really should have finished today. What were you doing all day? Fake work.