Recent Items In Other Places

Recent Items In Other Places

A few quick notes on recent activity outside of this blog that I’ve been involved in:

Vetting People for Remote Work

I wrote this article about some approaches for effectively determining if someone will mesh well with your existing remote team over at the Buy Sell Ads publication. They have an entire Remote Life series that is worth reading through.

Ground Rules for Working with Tech Recruiters

I was interviewed for a piece discussing how you should treat recruiters [in summary: follow the golden rule]; this post ended up being a bit controversial as many tech workers think that recruiters are wasting their time, proving my point. If this is interesting to you also see The Three Laws of Robotics (for tech recruiters) and How to deal with robots and get your poodle a job .

Remote vs. in-office software teams: Which is better?

This is a great summary article about the pros and cons of allowing distributed work; my upcoming book is mentioned as a partial solution to some of the problems. If you are new to thinking through this issue many of the surveys and books mentioned are great starting points on the options and challenges you will face.