How to deal with robots and get your poodle a job

How should you act when a recruiter calls you during personal relaxation time (i.e. grooming your pet poodle “Fluffikissh”)? What are the ground rules for interacting with robots? If the end goal of everyone is to have

Proper reentry for developers

I’m writing a book about successfully working from home; click here if you want to know when it is complete. If you are a developer or anyone else that does high-concentration work (writer, artist, maker or orange juice)

Obstacles adults face in creating

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. — Pablo Picasso I am amazed at my daughter’s productivity. She makes things at an astonishing rate – pictures, ideas, animals, pretend

Exception (Mis)Handling

Exception handling was originally created to try to give developers a way to separate out error handling so that it wouldn’t clutter up and distract from the core functionality trying to be accomplished. When done well, exception handling can