Slack, Gossip, and the Nerve to Bully

Is Slack to blame for Away’s PR nightmare? - AngelListView Online A lot has happened since The Verge reported on Away’s toxic work environment. Most...AngelListLike many in my industry I read the expose of the Away company's

What We Mean When We Say Work Culture

There are many definitions of company culture: A set of behaviors that get you fired at one company, and promoted at another company.A set of behaviors that allow you to win against your competition.A set of behaviors that

Play to your Strengths - Well, Sometimes.

You hear, and most act upon, the advice to “learn all you can and improve your weaknesses.” Traditional education focuses on being well-rounded and not having any major knowledge gaps, so we get used to pushing through learning things we

You Get No Credit for Talking

Most of my career has been spent working for companies with less than fifty people. My consulting career had me working with much larger companies often, and many of the stereotypes about big vs. small are true: At a small

Reductio ad absurdum of LinkedIn endorsements

John Lewis endorsed you for Inventory Management and Leadership John Lewis endorsed you for Being Able to Help His Career and Always Being Nice to Him in the Breakroom When You Used to Work Together John Lewis endorsed you for

Vetting specialized developer experience

Let’s say your job today is to find people to work on a project that uses a crazy-cool-man-I-can’t-wait-to-show-my-old-high-school-girlfriend technology. Since everyone wants to try something new, improve their resume architecture, and dominate buzzword bingo you find