Secret Developer Acronyms

Secret Developer Acronyms

They might take away my github account for this, but:

BTB: Broke the build

Hey Ralph you BTB with that last check-in so I have touched one of your keys to my  inner elbow to punish you with creepiness

GDOS: Grumpy DBA Over Shoulder

GDOS – I’ve never heard of cursors and definitely never ever used them also I hate NULLs and wide tables and I think that ok he’s gone yeah just do an index rebuild and see if that works

UIT: Using Insufficient Technology; using any tool or framework that makes you dumber

Sorry I yelled at you I’m all UIT with Crystal Reports over here

NTRDTB: Numb to Reality Due To Boredom

I’m still UIT but I figured it out now I have to go all NTRDTB to fill in all these fields one by one

FNG: Green programmer, new guy

Look at FNG suggesting we need to add more comments – he is so cute like a kitten in a shoebox

STR: Spec Tremor

Oh we had a STR and now it’s not a time-tracking system it’s a gambling system for cats with a social networking add-on module

THOSB: Take A Hit Off The Scope Balloon, an advanced technique in which you calm down scope creep by participating in it and overwhelm everyone until they stop adding scope

And it should use your social media profiles and advanced heuristics to tell whether or not you want to install the program for you or just for everyone and did I mention a mobile version because a remote interface into an installer is just so hot right now and also Sharepoint integration and does it export to CSV and what out internalization because I’m talking to this one guy in Nigeria who seems interested and XML plus Javascript packages and Cloud technologies and have you guys ever thought about adding advertising to the window that shows during the installation?

NTPM: Non Technical Project Manager

Hey dude go tell the NTPM that Ruby is now illegal after the election and we have to start over