Reading in 2023

Reading in 2023
Photo by Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash

Almost every year I post what books I have read that year. This serves as a replacement for Goodreads, somehow.

Interestingly I didn't blog here at all last year. Most of my writing was in other places, like a newsletter Bad Software Advice, which is growing in a scary way and honestly is a lot of fun to write.

Anyway, I read some books last year. Ones that I loved have an * next to them are bolded. New authors that I "discovered" in 2023 and will likely read more of:

  • George Saunders - have known of him for years but hated the only short story I had read by him, but A Swim in the Pond in the Rain was so good, so lovely, that I'm now working through his short stories from the beginning.
  • Kevin Wilson - I think I read his entire catalog in 2023. Holy crap. I wish there was a feature where you can just put an "auto-buy" on any book by a particular author.
  • Rich Bragg - starting with an autobiography then reading people's articles is a good way to do things, if you are a robot. Which I guess I am a bit.

Overall, a good year in terms of quality. I have not included the ~12 books that I started but have not finished, or technical material that I should be reading for work that is 20% done.

The books: