Out of space error when moving tempdb

Quirk in SQL Server to do with sizing tempdb that I ran into today: SQL Server checks the current location when you move tempdb to see if there is enough space not the new location.

From: Configuring Database Files for Optimal Performance

The below script will move TempDB from its current location to a folder on the T drive. Change the drive letter and folder location to suit your system. The script only uses a 1gb file size because of an odd behavior in SQL Server that checks the current file location to see if there”s enough space – instead of checking the new file location. If the user specifies a 100gb TempDB data file on the T drive (which does have 110gb of free space), SQL Server checks the current location (C) for 100gb of free space. If that space doesn”t exist, the script will fail. Therefore, use a small 1gb file size first, then after SQL Server restarts, alter the file to be the full desired size.