Computer Science Terms from Lunch

Today the family tried to eat at Chick-Fil-A but they were so pegged that the drive-thru had wrapped around itself and was deadlocked. This meant that the person who just got their food couldn”t leave as the last car in line was blocking them.

We ended up going to a sit-down restaurant where we waited our turn in line. There were four people waiting ahead of us so we were the fifth people to be called in the queue. While waiting the hostess pushed the buzzers back onto the stack on the top.

While ordering our waiter read our order back to us before writing it down. The order was uncommitted until he wrote it down, which allowed my wife to change my order from Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings to Grilled Chicken Salad. If somebody had asked me what I ordered they would have gotten a dirty read (and, er, a dirty look).

While eating I keep switching my attention from eating to making sure our 17 month old wasn”t throwing food, this sort of thrashing between threads lowered my efficiency and made me focus on throughput, while my wife was able to eat hers with great speed as our four year old”s interrupt clock cycle is much lower. There was heavy resource contention around the Ketchup bottle as my wife and I discussed future plans to spawn new threads.