Coding for fun not profit.

# (void*)
# If I ever own a cafe it will be called
# 0xBADDECAF or just 0xCAFE, but what else could it be?
while (<>) {
   my @words = split;
   foreach my $word (@words) {
      next if $word =~ /[^a-fA-F]/;
      next if $seen{$word};
      $seen{$word} = 1;
foreach my $word (sort (keys %seen)) {
   print $word, " ";
tate$ hexword books/bibleKJV.txt books/dictionary96.txt books/warAndPeace.txt
A AB Abbe Abda Add Added B BE Baca Bad Be C D De Dead Ebed F Feed a ab abaca abb
e accede ace ad add added b babe bad bade be bead bed bee beef c cab cd ce cf d
da daff de dead deaf deed e ebb efface f facade face faced fade faded fed fee fe