Fight to the Death

Purposeless emails, inspirationless social meda, agendaless meetings. Working on things that don’t, won’t, or can’t matter later. Not saying what you feel; not being who you are. Power struggles over things that can’t be possessed. Allowing the seriousness of something to push out all humor, all whimsy. Feeling like a luckless victim, instead of a … [Read more…]

The Circuit

When you work from home, where you live matters more. When I used to work in Alpharetta [a nice suburb of Atlanta] I knew all the good bike trails, sushi restaurants, and gas stations that carried Sour Skittles. After all, I would spend a good 10+ hours there most days, with the end of the … [Read more…]

Can you learn anything from a vlog?

Vlogging, “video blogging” – fascinates me. Not the idea of me doing it – how it feels to watch a vlog, and what it might change long-term. I started watching vlogs after I saw my kids watching them. We let our kids use the YouTube Kids app for a bit each day, and they watch … [Read more…]

Recent Items In Other Places

A few quick notes on recent activity outside of this blog that I’ve been involved in: Vetting People for Remote Work I wrote this article about some approaches for effectively determining if someone will mesh well with your existing remote team over at the Buy Sell Ads publication. They have an entire Remote Life series … [Read more…]

I Hate This Image of Remote Work

  I know it is probably intended to be funny, like the Oatmeal’s, but I’ve seen it used on Twitter pejoratively (like most things on Twitter). It seems to be making fun of people who work from home. The making fun comes from two angles: The crazy remote worker Unwashed Uniform (is sweatpants) Same Shirt … [Read more…]

Remote Work is Not A Perk

Allowing your employees to work from where they wish is not a perk, it is a part of your company’s genetic makeup or it is nothing. Many big companies think that allowing their people to work from home on Fridays is similar to matching 401k – simply a cost absorbed by the company to attract … [Read more…]

Silver Lining

I love hanging around with my kids because they say so many things that don’t make sense. They sound of wise crazy poets. Yesterday while walking with my daughter she looked up at the sky and said birds are so happy, but they have sun in their eyes all day. I thought about this and smiled … [Read more…]

Reflection Frameworks

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is typically a change of pace for most people – even if they don’t go on vacation – and a socially acceptable time to reflect and make large changes in your life. I am intentional about goal-setting and have found that having a framework – a simple … [Read more…]

Play to your Strengths – Well, Sometimes.

You hear, and most act upon, the advice to “learn all you can and improve your weaknesses.” Traditional education focuses on being well-rounded and not having any major knowledge gaps, so we get used to pushing through learning things we don’t pick up quickly. But there is another idea, most commonly learned by taking an … [Read more…]