When you work from home, where you live matters more.

When I used to work in Alpharetta [a nice suburb of Atlanta] I knew all the good bike trails, sushi restaurants, and gas stations that carried Sour Skittles. After all, I would spend a good 10+ hours there most days, with the end of the day being spent in Woodstock where I actually lived. Since I worked in Alpharetta we would sometimes head that direction on the weekend and have our kids play in parks or attend church.

When I started working from home I learned more about Woodstock itself and our lives shifted back here. It turns out that there are plenty of places here that sell all Skittles varieties (even Brightside), and the trail system here is pretty spectacular. I feel very lucky that the following things are within 5 miles of our home:

Coworking vs. The Coffeshop vs. Coping

Add to that list a new co-working and incubation space in The Circuit. Co-working fills the gap where you wouldn’t mind going somewhere other than home, but you don’t want some of the awkward decisions of a coffeeshop nomad:

  • Will my laptop get stolen if I have to go to the bathroom?
  • Will the smell of overcooked Starbucks ever come out of this bookbag?
  • I wonder if the laws of physics allow for the Usher song that is playing to be any louder or more noticeable as background noise to my conference call?
  • Did that woman at the table next to me really say she is thinking of switching to hot yoga over room temperature yoga, and did her friend really try to talk her out of it for twenty minutes?

Coworking has some added benefits over a coffeeshop as well: no kids, more professionalism, and the chance to cross-pollinate. Because the people at a coworking spot are there to get stuff done, and not just to have coffee or conversations there is a greater focus and a more upbeat energy. Working together in this way also groups you with like-minded people – after all those without traditional offices tend to be the single-person companies, the startups, the craftsman, the troublemakers.

If you work from home and occasionally get the “I have to get out of here” itch, I’d recommend Coworking over Coffeeshop.

The Circuit has great promise as a coworking spot because they have spent some time and effort in the design details and they are backed up by the Cherokee County Office of Economic Development who also manage Fresh Start Cherokee. Here is a picture of one of their private offices:

Standing desk for the win. It isn’t in the standing configuration, but you can use your imagination, geez.

And a few of the open spaces (these were all taken at 7:30 AM when I had the place to myself):

Fancy couch.

For the young folks, or pillow fights.

Chair from the future, and the past.

Timeout spot.


They are open this month in a soft launch phase, with memberships starting soon. Everything is essentially free right now, with coffee and memberships happening near the end of March 2017.

And, of course, the wifi speed:

Check it out – and please ignore the man working from one of the desks surrounded by empty Skittles bags.