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I Can't Let My Team Work from Home, for Stupid Reasons

I can’t let my team work from home, they might not work hard.

Remote Work is a return to something very old

Remote work means you work in front of your children, don’t the chance to influence how they think of work

Why the Hell Did you Write a Book in 2021

Motivations for writing a book in 2021 when you have other things to do

How to Spend 10 years to write One ^@#$ Book

Why imposter syndrome and starting and stopping a project slow everything down


Hybrid remote work is challenging, because it can be the worst of both worlds.

Remote work isn’t about where you are, it is about how you work

Navigating Remote Work :: Now Available

A guide for how to be productive while working from home

Remote Work and Wealth

Alt forms of rich: You can go to bed and wake up when you want to.

Obvious but Very Bad Remote Work Advice

Obvious Advice for those that work from home, that is completely wrong

Recent Items In Other Places

A few quick notes on recent activity outside of this blog that I’ve been involved in:

Help with the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is a rare productivity tool: simple, powerful, and popular.

You Need a Don't Do List

Most people agree that a “to do list” is a great way to track work tasks whether it be shopping lists or work lists or people that you need to tickle this week.

How remote work might change the world

How remote work might change the world

Staying Productive: Take Real Breaks and Keep away from Ace of Base

My productivity tip of the day is pretty simple and exists in two parts:

Sacred Space: Building the Energy of your Home Office

In a previous entry I mentioned that you should have certain infrastructure readily-available when you work from home.

Subtle benefits of supporting remote workers

Remote work changes your cost and culture

On Mayer: Remote workers have a default culture

Remote workers have a default culture of getting things done

Companies that support remote workers win against those that don't

Years ago my boss asked if I could use a remote support developer in Europe for off-hours support of a critical system that processed data throughout the day.

Managing your Significant Other when working from home

If you are looking for true advice from someone who understands the struggle of remote work and has actual useful advice, check out Navigating Remote Work .

Proper reentry for developers

I’m writing a book about successfully working from home; click here if you would like to know more.

How to work from home without going insane

If you are looking for help with remote work, you might be interested in my book Navigating Remote Work .