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Get an MBA yourself, Teach yourself about business basics

Reading Multiple Books at Once: Good Weird

Reading multiple books at the same time makes you enjoy them more

Silver Lining

I love hanging around with my kids because they say so many things that don’t make sense.

Be A Digital Adult

Most of us reading this post are adults. We take care of those around us, hold down jobs, pay bills, shower daily and do other things that are considered mature.

Chaos-Proof Your Marriage with Monkeys

The best thing that happened to our marriage is my wife getting so sick that she couldn’t walk down the stairs more than a few times a week.

What I Learned from Briefly Sharing an Office with Steve Jobs

Get Started Early Steve used to come in real early. By the time I got there I could see evidence that he had already been there — discarded coffee cups, little crumbs of food, a mild odor in the air — he had obviously been there for hours.

Yeah, sure

Short funny book in the style of McSweeneys Internet Tendency

Reductio ad absurdum of LinkedIn endorsements

John Lewis endorsed you for Inventory Management and Leadership John Lewis endorsed you for Being Able to Help His Career and Always Being Nice to Him in the Breakroom When You Used to Work Together

Resume of the Future

TLDR: You should totally hire me. Objective As a self-oriented detail starter I seek a dynamic company that can use me, abuse me, because I am not you’re average high school graduate.

My daughter designed my perfect home office in Minecraft

Children notice more than you think. It has been a difficult two weeks with the kids out of school due to “snow” and a winter break so the work/life harmony is a bit more chaotic than normal.

How to be creative: Non-silly advice from John Cleese

Via @danforthfrance via @hotdogsladies comes a talk John Cleese gave about creativity and how to encourage it.

Obstacles adults face in creating

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.