How to Establish a Reading Practice

This is the time of the year where it seems like everyone starts to summarize the end of the year and start their resolution thinking. I find a spike in traffic to any of my posts about reading around Dec - Jan, as it seems like everyone wants to read more.


You should read if you like it, or if it provides a way for you to reach a goal you have. Reading doesn’t make you a better person, or make you taller-strong-more-good-looking.

If you want to read more, you need to figure out why you want to read, and then you need to establish your reading rules.

For example, here is my WHY:

Here are my rules:

Because I know my why and rules, I can direct my reading practice towards specific things, like a DIY Tech MBA, more easily. (In that case I’m not going to just stop reading a specific book if it doesn’t interest me, however)