Obligatory Year End Reflective Post
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Obligatory Year End Reflective Post

This year I did a bunch of awesome stuff:

  • Listened to the song Sail by AwolNation 65 times [Source: Spotify logs, 2011]
  • Ate 31 Chicken Burritos from Chipotle [Source: Cherokee County Waste Management Quarterly Report (Q4 2011)]
  • Wrote 65,000 words [Source: 750words.com]
  • Learned how to spell Cheetos (there is no “h” – BELIEVE IT) [Source: personal food diary, 2011]
  • Rode my bike 1,043 miles [Source: dailymile.com]
  • Lost and then re-gained 15 lbs. [Source: personal weight diary, 2011]

I’d like to thank all those who helped me make this possible – my wait staff, my network of virtually personal personally virtual assistants, my team of condiment day traders, and of course my personal life coach/pet bearded-dragon. And I’d like to say a special thanks to the accounts payable and accounts receivable departments – guys there are loses on both sides and let’s just end the beef.

As I look forward to the blessings of 2012 I have many goals but I’ll just share publicly three of them:

  • Ship the book.
  • Earn $1,000 from something other than software development then give it away.
  • Be more vocal with my gratitude and more loose with my time.

Thank you.


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