Remote Work Arrogance

How do you find out if someone is a vegan/minimalist/cross fitter? Don't worry: they will tell you within 10 minutes. Remote workers think that they have found the cure to all diseases. And they (we) are quick to

An Easy Way to Rid Yourself of Envy

I don't know where I read this or heard it, but years ago I heard some life-changing advice that I've applied over and over to increase my contentment. It is a simple way to not allow envy to limit your

Clear and Present Leadership

Years ago this country ran on words. When the president or the Supreme Court said something, they chose their words very carefully. There is a wonderful chapter in Do I Make Myself Clear? which describes the multiple drafts that FDR

Slack, Gossip, and the Nerve to Bully

Is Slack to blame for Away’s PR nightmare? - AngelListView Online A lot has happened since The Verge reported on Away’s toxic work environment. Most...AngelListLike many in my industry I read the expose of the Away company's

Dark Underbellies

When I got a degree in Computer Science, they didn't require us to take a technology ethics course. There might not have even been a technology ethics course offered. But the industry has learned about what happens when you graduate

My 2019 Reading: And How to Read More

I try to read about a book per week. Here are all the books I read in 2019, with the "top 5" at the top. Previously: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015. Non-fiction RangeWhat You Do is Who You AreHow to do

What We Mean When We Say Work Culture

There are many definitions of company culture: A set of behaviors that get you fired at one company, and promoted at another company.A set of behaviors that allow you to win against your competition.A set of behaviors that