This Year I Read 88 Books And Wrote 1

As 2015 started I made a goal to read 50 books by the end of the year.

This, like all great goals, was very stupid and certainly foolish. I have a very demanding job, four young children, and a very structured imaginary marathon-training program.

I set this goal for two reasons:

I started out with the following goals:


I ended up reading a lot of books – more than expected. I didn’t stop working or paying attention to my kids, but instead replaced time spent doing the following with reading:

I ended up exploring my local library and a local used bookstore due to the sheer volume of books I ended up purchasing.

More Interesting Results

The most interesting thing about my reading this year was that I ended up writing a book as well. By not judging the types of books I was reading I found deep veins of silly books that I liked so much I decided to take a run at writing one in the same style. The nice thing about reading is that you can surround yourself with people that you like; this isn’t always possible in the real world.


Here is a list of all the books I read with a one sentence snarky review of each.

My top 5 recommended:

Short Story Collections & Classics

Elmore Leonard & Westerns

Ernest Hemingway

Books about Creating Things


I don’t know what this is



Business and Practical Advice

Miranda July

Books that were intended for children