Working at a startup is like riding a bike (off a cliff)

My life the last six months has been consumed by two activities: training for a long bike ride and trying to help get a startup profitable. I’ve been surprised to learn that I can take lessons learned from each and apply them to the other.  So I present (with no commercial interruptions) three lessons: Know … [Read more…]

Computer Science Terms from Lunch

Today the family tried to eat at Chick-Fil-A but they were so pegged that the drive-thru had wrapped around itself and was deadlocked. This meant that the person who just got their food couldn”t leave as the last car in line was blocking them. We ended up going to a sit-down restaurant where we waited … [Read more…]

Questions to ask in an interview

The questions you ask in a job interview are important. They reveal your level of experience, ability to form complete sentences, how much you were actually listening, passion level, and how seriously you take committing to an organization. While the goal of an interview is to get an offer, deciding what to do with that … [Read more…]

Out of space error when moving tempdb

Quirk in SQL Server to do with sizing tempdb that I ran into today: SQL Server checks the current location when you move tempdb to see if there is enough space not the new location. From: Configuring Database Files for Optimal Performance The below script will move TempDB from its current location to a folder … [Read more…]

How to complain

Let’s talk about one of the ills facing any group of people who are passionate about their work – ‘complaining about how bad things are’.  I’ll list some personal do’s and don’ts on effective complaining, and ways that organizations can help it not destroy morale.Every person that cares about their job complains.  How they complain, … [Read more…]

Exception (Mis)Handling

Exception handling was originally created to try to give developers a way to separate out error handling so that it wouldn’t clutter up and distract from the core functionality trying to be accomplished. When done well, exception handling can provide a clean way to instrument and separate truly exceptional conditions from the core flow of … [Read more…]

Key considerations for your next development job

As a developer, your basic job is to create things. Since the world needs software in every industry you might think that one is the same as the next, and you’d be shamefully wrong. Outside of the obvious questions you should ask yourself when looking for your next gig – how sharp are the coworkers, … [Read more…]


In software development there are three levels of complexity that are in play.  You should focus on the primary complexity: taking a complex business problem within its native domain and designing a technical solution. Examples of primary complexity issues are designing a strategy-based plugin architecture for mortgage calculations, designing a star schema to later use for … [Read more…]

Triggers Part 3: FAQ and FOP Continued

This is part of a 3 part epic mini-series on triggers, view Part 1 and Part 2. How many triggers should you have per table? Ideally zero.  If you have any then there should be one.  There is no guarantee on the ordering of trigger firings, they normally fire based on their age – newly-added … [Read more…]