The False Dream of a Clear Path

I have this fantastical daydream that I entertain often: I get a week (or weekend) to myself and I am able to do all the work, all the projects, all the catching up that I want to do. Sometimes I go on a trip to achieve this, or maybe a blizzard has me stuck in … [Read more…]

Bring Your Own Team

Now here is an interesting idea: front-loading an aquihire by hiring a functioning team rather that a single person. As many of us know developers travel in packs anyway (I have worked with many former colleagues at new places) so bringing on a pre-existing team is an interesting idea. Some immediate thoughts: Developers might travel … [Read more…]

MVP: Minimum Viable Personality

“Our engineers are all weirdos.” If all companies end up becoming technology companies then the technology people end up having power. And power corrupts. We have all heard of stories where everyone has a dress code apart from the product development team who all ride scooters around and shoot nerf darts at the sales team … [Read more…]

The 5-minute Journal

Last year I bought, in some sort of moment of defeat against the capitalism of productivity tools, a product called The 5 Minute Journal after hearing a few people talk about it. (Important note: since I bought it the creators have created the following video which would have made me not buy it if I … [Read more…]

Chaos-Proof Your Marriage with Monkeys

The best thing that happened to our marriage is my wife getting so sick that she couldn’t walk down the stairs more than a few times a week. She was pregnant with twins and was having a side-effect of having hives all day and feeling sick. We saw a large number of doctors about it … [Read more…]

Halfway to Self-Help

I used to think that self-help books were complete garbage. Every self-help book featured a high-energy person that seemed like they would be a bit much to handle in a stuck elevator.  They came off as un-intellectual; most of the books were centered around one common-sense idea: be positive, think long-term, be your best self, … [Read more…]

How to Generate Content for Your Blog

Heard some great advice recently that I’d like to pass along. When writing a developer blog there is a tendency to try to be smarter than you are – you follow blogs and read books and you want to make something as good, interesting, and relevant as they are. So you write a couple of … [Read more…]

Lessons on Hiring and Networking

I have been working as a software developer for over a decade to the point in my career where I know hundreds of people that are in my same line of work and can thus give (and receive) meaningful help for people in their career as they try to find full-time or contract jobs. In … [Read more…]

Finding Balance

Every one of us has learned how to send emails on Sunday night. But how many of us know how to go a movie on Monday afternoon. You’ve unbalanced your life without balancing it with someone else Ricardo Semler 28 Sep 2007 One of the greatest benefits of a work-from-home ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) … [Read more…]

Personal Retreats

Every year I take a weekend to myself and go on a personal retreat. This tradition started years ago when I took a sick day from work and rode my bike from Atlanta to Alabama and back.  When I returned I felt like I had been on vacation for weeks: my energy and spirit were renewed … [Read more…]