Fight to the Death

Purposeless emails, inspirationless social meda, agendaless meetings. Working on things that don’t, won’t, or can’t matter later. Not saying what you feel; not being who you are. Power struggles over things that can’t be possessed. Allowing the seriousness of something to push out all humor, all whimsy. Feeling like a luckless victim, instead of a … [Read more…]

Can you learn anything from a vlog?

Vlogging, “video blogging” – fascinates me. Not the idea of me doing it – how it feels to watch a vlog, and what it might change long-term. I started watching vlogs after I saw my kids watching them. We let our kids use the YouTube Kids app for a bit each day, and they watch … [Read more…]

Silver Lining

I love hanging around with my kids because they say so many things that don’t make sense. They sound of wise crazy poets. Yesterday while walking with my daughter she looked up at the sky and said birds are so happy, but they have sun in their eyes all day. I thought about this and smiled … [Read more…]

Be A Digital Adult

Most of us reading this post are adults. We take care of those around us, hold down jobs, pay bills, shower daily and do other things that are considered mature. We avoid the struggles of children: petty conflict, biting others, and openly weeping when our bananas break. But the world has changed and done so quickly. … [Read more…]

Chaos-Proof Your Marriage with Monkeys

The best thing that happened to our marriage is my wife getting so sick that she couldn’t walk down the stairs more than a few times a week. She was pregnant with twins and was having a side-effect of having hives all day and feeling sick. We saw a large number of doctors about it … [Read more…]

Yeah, sure

I have written a book ( yeah sure ) which is available for sale now. It contains pieces that have been published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Feathertale Review, and Reader’s Digest along with 100+ pages of new material never seen outside of the walls of my office and the IHOP bathroom wall off Exit 7 by … [Read more…]

Reductio ad absurdum of LinkedIn endorsements

John Lewis endorsed you for Inventory Management and Leadership John Lewis endorsed you for Being Able to Help His Career and Always Being Nice to Him in the Breakroom When You Used to Work Together John Lewis endorsed you for Wise Hiring Decisions and Giving People a Chance Even Though They Have Little Experience John … [Read more…]

Resume of the Future

TLDR: You should totally hire me. Objective As a self-oriented detail starter I seek a dynamic company that can use me, abuse me, because I am not you’re average high school graduate. #nailedit. Accomplishments Made a trick shot video where I threw pennies into toilets at the mall in super hard ways – got like … [Read more…]