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A system for analyzing systems [Part 2]

This is the second part of an (awesomely epic) series on how to analyze a software system quickly, click here to view Part 1. So now you (having the right attitude and documenting everything) have viewed the main nouns (data) and verbs (use cases, workflows).  What do you do next? Profit? #3 Find integration points […]

A system for analyzing systems [Part 1]

We seek definition to understand the system so that we can discern the rules so that we know what to do next so that we win. – Michael Lopp, Being Geek: The Software Developer’s Career Handbook How do you approach learning a new system that is dumped on your lap like a spilled plate of nachos? Let’s say […]

Glorious Hack #97: Wrapping regular ViewResults as JSON for rich client-side processing

I recently had the need on a ASP.NET MVC/js project to wrap the results of a controller action in JSON so the middle-class UI could consume and then do one of: Redisplay the current active popup because validation failed (and I wanted to use the built-in MVC validation) Close the current popup and refresh a […]