How To Read 118 Books In One Year

This year I continued my odd quest to read a lot of books and ended up reading more than last year. This feels very odd since I’m a big fan of making things rather than just constantly drowning in consumption. In fact I’d like to send a special message to the hundreds of people that have … [Read more…]

Thoughts on the Kindle Ecosystem

I read books using the Kindle ecosystem; having such quick access to books has changed my reading life and increased the quantity and quality of books I read each year. I love how I can start reading something at night on my (physical) Kindle and then use the Kindle app on my phone the next … [Read more…]

Halfway to Self-Help

I used to think that self-help books were complete garbage. Every self-help book featured a high-energy person that seemed like they would be a bit much to handle in a stuck elevator.  They came off as un-intellectual; most of the books were centered around one common-sense idea: be positive, think long-term, be your best self, … [Read more…]

This Year I Read 88 Books And Wrote 1

As 2015 started I made a goal to read 50 books by the end of the year. This, like all great goals, was very stupid and certainly foolish. I have a very demanding job, four young children, and a very structured imaginary marathon-training program. I set this goal for two reasons: My daughter was in the 2nd … [Read more…]

Yeah, sure

I have written a book ( yeah sure ) which is available for sale now. It contains pieces that have been published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Feathertale Review, and Reader’s Digest along with 100+ pages of new material never seen outside of the walls of my office and the IHOP bathroom wall off Exit 7 by … [Read more…]

Close to the Machine

The Computer Industry, and specifically Software Development, is not a nostalgic profession; we regularly rebuild entire cities ignoring the lessons of past builders because the types of bricks have changed. As part of a personal challenge to read a book a week this year I stumbled upon Ellen Ullman and Close to the Machine and … [Read more…]

Review of Ghost of my Father By Scott Berkun

I wasn’t sure I wanted to read The Ghost Of My Father after I bought it. When I follow authors blindly I tend to read a series of very similar books so I’ve shied away from it recently. But I read Making Things Happen, The Myths of Innovation, and The Year Without Pants and loved the way his clear … [Read more…]

Tribal SQL

I am honored to announce that a chapter I wrote has been published in a book. Nope – it’s not the additional Appendix that I sent the author of Everyone Poops, but is instead Tribal SQL. Edited and produced by the infamous Jen McCown and published by Red Gate the books is on sale now. If … [Read more…]

5 minute book review: The Art of SQL

I have a simple algorithm for picking books: I buy until my wife tells me I have to sleep outside I try to read books that take a practical and interesting approach. For technical books about databases the quality is really uneven. You have your query tuning books which are good overviews of how DBMS … [Read more…]